Scam That Affects All Mobile Cellular Users

Yeah. Not a bug, but more social engineering. I will make this brief.

Tech | Feb. 1, 2018

So yeah. This will be quick. Scam artists are using your personal cell number and transferring it to their own account in an apparently successful effort to gain access to bank accounts and other personal accounts. These shady dudes are causing such a stir that mobile carriers such as T-Mobile are sending out alerts to create passcodes or PINs to make sure that the proper person is authorized to do this. Most carriers will already check your personal info when calling up to transfer anyway, but this adds another simple layer of security. It is highly recommended by industry experts (myself included) to call your mobile carrier and make sure that you are protected against this particular nasty social engineering stunt. They seem to be few and far between at this moment, but it caused enough of a scare to where I was notified by text message from my carrier. 

For more information, check out this basic FAQ on T-Mobile's website.


Stay safe out there.


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